What is an intake session?
The first session is called the intake. It is not therapy, but is a structured information-gathering session. You will complete several forms and a brief computerized assessment. Then I will conduct a thorough question and answer portion so the current problem(s) can be identified. Together we agree upon goals to work toward and a plan to reach those goals.


What happens next?
We meet weekly or every other week to work toward meeting your goals. Each week we work together to gain insight into how problems may have originated, practice new skills for dealing with problems or issues, and identifying barriers to success.


How long does it take for counseling to work?
There is no one answer to this as it depends on personality, motivations, and type and severity of the presenting problem. However, most people report feeling at least a little better after 1-2 sessions. By about 8 sessions many people report significant improvement. Change is difficult, though. People must be dedicated to learning new skills, trying new things, and giving it time.


What does it mean that you are out-of-network for my insurance?
I work with all insurance companies to provide out-of-network coverage. Payment is made at time of treatment by the client. You then submit a claim to your insurance company and they will reimburse you a certain percentage of the overall fee.